CAT Corrugation Analysis Trolley

Corrugation Analysis Trolley - CAT

The CAT is a portable, hand-operated instrument that weighs less than 20kg in its carrying case. It is typically used for quality assurance of rail reprofiling works and to measure acoustic roughness of rails.


The bi-CAT is a portable instrument that can be used by one person to measure two rails simultaneously. The accuracy is the same as that of a CAT.

Rail Corrugation Analyser - RCA

RCA measures irregularities, in particular rail corrugation, from a vehicle. The RCA was initially designed for use on grinding trains at typical speeds of 3-15km/h.


The HSRCA measures irregularities at typical line speeds. The equipment can remain on a service vehicle for long-term monitoring of the track.

TriTops Wheel Measurement

TriTops has been developed to measure irregularities on wheels that are of interest for vehicle maintenance and wheel/rail noise. These irregularities include acoustic roughness, corrugation and out-of-round.

Leader in developing measuring equipment

We are a leading manufacturer of equipment to measure rail corrugation and acoustic roughness, if not the leading manufacturer of this equipment worldwide.  The company has been a leader in developing equipment that is the most accurate available, which can measure at walking speed or more quickly, and which is portable, robust and reliable.

Dr Stuart Grassie

Dr Stuart Grassie

Dr Grassie has worked on rail corrugation as an academic, consultant and in industry for almost 40 years.  He may be the best known expert in the world in this area.  His papers, including a review with Dr Joe Kalousek published in 1993 and a sequel published in 2009, are widely referenced in the field.