About Dr Stuart Grassie

Dr Stuart Grassie

Passion, integrity & commitment

Dr Stuart Grassie has worked on rail corrugation as an academic, consultant and in industry for more than 40 years. He undertook doctoral research at Cambridge University in the late 1970s in collaboration with British Rail Research and has maintained an active interest in research and consultancy in the area since. He has undertaken consultancy work on almost every continent, given invited lectures in several countries and published widely referenced papers on rail corrugation. A prize-winning review paper by Dr Grassie and his close colleague Dr Joe Kalousek, which was published in 1993, established a simple framework for understanding rail corrugation that has been usefully adopted by others since.

Dr Grassie’s unparalleled record in corrugation research and measurement is the foundation on which RailMeasurement has been established and from which it has drawn.


Review paper on rail corrugation, published by Dr Joe Kalousek and Dr Stuart Grassie in 1993.


Review paper on rail corrugation, published by Dr Stuart Grassie in 2009.


CV of Dr Grassie.