Measurement Services

What can we measure for you?

RailMeasurement Ltd can undertake the following types of measurement:

  • Surveys of corrugation can be made on a complete railway or transit system using CAT or bi-CAT (or, if the circumstances justify this, an RCA). Surveys of this type can be made before reprofiling, to help plan a reprofiling programme, or after reprofiling to show whether reprofiling has been undertaken to a satisfactory standard. We can give advice on objective criteria to decide whether reprofiling is required and also whether it has been undertaken satisfactorily.  Software can also be provided to help with planning over several reprofiling cycles.
  • Corrugation and acoustic roughness can be measured on individual sites from a few metres length through the 100m required by EN ISO3095 and EN15610 to surveys of a full railway system.
  • Decay of vibration, which is pertinent to approval of sites for acoustic type testing of vehicles.
  • Irregularities, such as corrugation and out-of-round, on railway wheels. Measurements such as this may be of interest before and after reprofiling to establish, for example, whether reprofiling itself either does not adequately remove periodic out-of-roundness of wheels or even imposes a periodic out-of-round.

Please contact RailMeasurement for further information, to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quotation.

rail measurement services