RCA (Rail Corrugation Analyser)

What is RCA?

Rail Corrugation Analyser

RCA that was supplied for a grinding train for use on a high-speed railway system where removal of long-wave irregularities was of particular concern.

RailMeasurement’s RCA measures irregularities, in particular rail corrugation, from a vehicle.  The RCA was initially designed for use on grinding trains at typical speeds of 3-15km/h.  More recently versions of the RCA have been made to work over the speed range of 0.5km/h (on a milling train) to 50km/h (on a hi-rail vehicle, where the equipment is used to help programme rail grinding).  The equipment has been designed with the user in mind, to provide concise information that is relevant to reprofiling.

The RCA has been used in the following areas:

  • Rail reprofiling
  • Corrugation surveys
  • Measurement of irregularities, particularly those that are relevant to ground-borne noise and vibration

Validation of the equipment is also considered here.

Rail Corrugation Analyser

Gauge-adjustable RCA that was supplied for a small metro grinder.


This is an unusual example of an RCA that was supplied for use with a hi-rail vehicle to help develop the grinding programme for a mixed-traffic railway system.  The system was designed to be used at speeds of up to 50km/h.  The critical components of this RCA were refurbished after running about 30,000km with minimal maintenance.