Equipment for hire

Equipment available for hire

The following equipment is available for hire from RailMeasurement Ltd:

There are few, if any, other companies that hire specialised equipment such as this. We offer a minimum hire period of a week, with courier charge and insurance included to an address in Europe. There’s a significantly lower charge for the second week, and a further reduction in the hire charge after the fourth week.

If a client buys our equipment within 3 months of the end of the hire period, a significant fraction of the hire charge is offset against the purchase price. Some clients hire equipment first to see if it fulfils their needs.

Please contact RailMeasurement for further information and / or a quotation.

PLEASE NOTE: The CAT, bi-CAT and TriTops are all made and supported by RailMeasurement Ltd. RailMeasurement Ltd has written software to analyse data from the Miniprof equipment, but we do not make this equipment.