Equipment for purchase

Equipment available for purchase


The CAT is a portable, hand-operated instrument that weighs less than 20kg in its carrying case. It is typically used for quality assurance of rail reprofiling works and to measure acoustic roughness of rails.


RailMeasurement have developed the bi-CAT to give an instrument that measures two rails simultaneously with the same accuracy as the CAT, and which can still be transported, assembled and used by a single person.


The RCA measures irregularities, in particular corrugation and longer waves, from a vehicle. It is typically mounted on a rail reprofiling train to assist with quality assurance of reprofiling works and used at speeds in the range 3-15km/h


The HSRCA measures irregularities at typical line speeds from a moving train. Irregularities include corrugation, welds, joints and acoustic roughness. HSRCA operate at relatively low speeds of less than 80km/h up to speeds of more than 150km/h.


TriTops has been developed to measure irregularities on wheels that are of interest for vehicle maintenance and wheel/rail noise. These irregularities include acoustic roughness, corrugation and out-of-round.